zaterdag 13 juli 2013

10 july 1956 Sikko Steen postcard home.

Soesterberg, 10th July 1956

Dear everyone, 

In contrary to what I said Monday I will be coming home. I can't go visiting The Hague, because they already have a visitor. It's dirty wet weather here, I've done nothing the whole day. Nobody said anything yesterday, I could go on flying. I've been through Mach barrier and it will be all this week because otherwise to much is being done. According to the newspapers it didn't rain as much at your place as it did at ours. I will be coming by train as I think about it now. See you Friday or Saturday. Sincery greeting from your son and brother. 
Sikko Steen 

This postcard was send at the 10th July 1956. He crashed in the IJsselmeer 13th July 1956. He never made it home again. The postcard arrived after he died. 

In memoradum Sikko Steen 1935 - 1956

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